==  Since 2022-07-22 to Fri Jul 29 05:42:51 CEST 2022  ==
project external/hosts/
fa41eaa3 Merge pull request #2027 from gprestes/patch-1
f58a9138 Add MacOS to check to sudo overwrite hostfile
3bed35fc Release 3.11.2
aa74ccd2 Updates from URLHaus and KADhosts.
fd3b86ca Commit latest notebook.
dfc50800 Ibid.
28159b5f Flake8: Set max line length to 135.
c5a79cec Merge pull request #2022 from DPTJKKVH/master
057f4ed0 Fix breakage for Linux
236adfb3 Display the graph date and time in UTC.
964cbbea Release 3.11.1
aab3d330 Update stats and graph.
8dbfa019 Updates from sinfonietta, URLHaus, someonewhocares.org, and KADhosts.

project frameworks/av/
4267e1b91e codec2: add smoothfactor when checking n-th work

project frameworks/base/
d4fba60a4bcd Fix crash with protected content with ElectronBeam/Scale screen-off animation
c7f41a0f75b3 Add upstream fixes to ElectronBeam screen-off animation
069b49cb3265 Merge changes from topic "s-misc-fixes" into s12.1
5f1f43603662 fwb: core: make LiveDisplay optional
d770c2bd5e16 SystemUI: Add anti flicker tile
104788d520f6 SystemUI: Add reading mode tile
071a1b200eb5 SystemUI: Add LiveDisplay tile
f8e7fac3eb0b Introduce anti flicker mode in LiveDisplay
1d35d72b4ee8 Introduce LiveDisplay from Lineage
496ca1da3b4d Introduce high touch polling rate feature control
63e3db42d897 Move high touch sensitivity and hovering to InputService
47adc9939216 base: Add Touch HIDL support
930a8de76c70 Initial import of lineagehw
5b72d73243d7 Fix MtpDatabase multithreading NullPointerException
1c70bad0e869 ServiceRegistry: Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
9d4003405e09 Crash occured due to null pointer exception.
2e043db8befb Change the wakeup alarms for "light-doze-maintenance step" to non-wakeup alarms
10947fea12e7 Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in onAnimationFinished of RemoteAnimationController
8b1c201c291f Fix potential race condition due to missing lock
2b78d1dec4d3 AlertSlider: Update theme more swiftly
3303234bfc26 AlertSlider: Prevent crash in case of incomplete broadcast
41bb72303a8d AlertSlider: Add more resources

project frameworks/native/
5b575afa44 Ensure deferred cleanup when display is off
ee3390c36e Do not handle VSync event during resolution switch
d587efc6aa When user presses the power key while playing a local video, the surfaceflinger will crash.
4edc948556 libgui: Dispatch vsync when receiving vsync timeout
ac53c7deab libbinder: Suppress log spam when unlinking death recipients
3373d447c1 sf: avoiding unnecessary frame skip to reduce janks.
35cf778c8d Add dalvik-heap device configs for 8/12/16 GiB devices

project packages/apps/AicpExtras/
7acffcda AE: cleanup and reorganize navigation fragment
5fa07be0 AE: Link with OplusParts
d7e5ac4a AE: Add ambient edge lightning settings

project packages/apps/Launcher3/
2c5e1d03c2 Launcher3: Make adding apps to home screen overlayable

project packages/apps/PartsBin/
9120f8c PartsBin: support disabling PartsBin AlertSlider

project packages/apps/Settings/
ea3616ca71 settings: add conditionally refresh rate preferences
b360bf4a63 [SQUASH] Settings: introduce refresh rate preferences
6cb922998f settings: Hide battery health overlays if unsupported

project packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/
fa79435f7 LatinIME: Add emojiKeyStylePopup for sw600dp
6dce0a831 LatinIME: Add keyboardTheme="You" for sw600dp

project packages/resources/deviceparts/
50a980a deviceparts: import resources from hardware_oplus/OplusParts
cf07613 deviceparts: import resources from hardware_oplus/TouchGestures
005397b deviceparts: Android.mk -> Android.bp

project vendor/aicp/
b6c4f79b Merge "overlay: Point to global actions menu when pressing power button" into s12.1

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