==  Since 2022-07-01 to Fri Jul  8 04:59:04 CEST 2022  ==
project device/lineage/sepolicy/
9afb85c common: Allow camera HAL to read auxiliary camera properties

project device/qcom/sepolicy_vndr/
7847a983 sepolicy_vndr: generic: Fix compile after merge

project device/xiaomi/surya/
5610360 surya: Update blobs from V12.5.8.0.RJGMIXM
738968c surya: reorder blob list
5d85d92 surya: Drop atrace HIDL
327360a surya: Remove TARGET_ENABLE_MEDIADRM_64

project external/hosts/
71017d5e Release 3.10.14
34868f94 Updates from URLHaus, someonewhocares.org, KADhosts, hostsVN, and Adguard.
ea175b52 Issue #1997: fix broken hyperlink.
1af0c962 Merge pull request #1993 from StevenBlack/dependabot/github_actions/actions/dependency-review-action-2
790f6b03 Merge pull request #1994 from StevenBlack/dependabot/github_actions/actions/setup-python-4
c69625a8 Upgrade to release-it@15.1.1.
5b8adf90 Release 3.10.13
47b96a17 Updates from URLHaus, someonewhocares.org, and KADhosts.

project hardware/qcom-caf/sm8250/audio/
5b61833d1 Merge tag 'LA.UM.9.12.r1-14300-SMxx50.0' into staging/lineage-19.1_merge-LA.UM.9.12.r1-14300-SMxx50.0

project packages/apps/AicpExtras/
a63be0a3 AE: Update SystemUI Tuner strings

project packages/apps/Launcher3/
206e74f76f Launcher3: shortcuts dont have widgets
73f5b8e56b Launcher3: remove Uninstall option for app shortcuts

project platform_manifest/
8a35fd6 manifest: initial checkin for crowdin.xml

project vendor/aicp/
20afbfb8 Revert "config: Disable remote keyguard animation until it's fixed"

project vendor/qcom/opensource/commonsys-intf/display/
1b983da4 Partially revert "gralloc: Fix issue with mmap/munmap meta due to reserved size"

project vendor/xiaomi/
494929c66 Merge branch 's12.1' into 's12.1'
ac90f2c41 surya: Import files from stock V12.5.8.0.RJGMIXM

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